Benefits by Collaborator

  • find all the information that needed for the work in the one place – LMS Collaborator
  • pass training from a tablet, a mobile phone, on the way to work or over a cup of coffee – at any time
  • ask for help your coaches and colleagues in other cities and receive a qualitative answer
  • become a professional in our work, develop as an expert and trainer of the company
  • teach in a modern and efficient way – we give the theory remotely and use all face-to-face meetings for training the students’ skills
  • get more time for development of professionalism, preparation of interesting courses and trainings
  • refuse unnecessary business trips and translate part of the training into a remote format through the LMS Collaborator
  • nothing superfluous is installed on your computer – everything you need to work is already in the system
  • teach from a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, on the road or over a cup of coffee – in any convenient way
  • easily integrate the LMS Collaborator into the organization’s ecosystem (RESTfull web API)
    not need attract additional technical resources – it is a cloud solution
  • not need install additional software to users – only the browser and Internet access to the LMS Collaborator
  • minimally avolve your IT specialists – only at the stage of integration settings, already have solutions for Active Directory, 1C, G Suite
  • securely protect the data – there are built-in security policies, data protection and backup tools
  • automate and scale the training of personnel for an unlimited number of employees, it`s works in 24/7 mode
  • real time control the processes and results of training for all employees and in the most possible detailization
  • communicate with each employee
    accelerate the training of new personnel, the upgrading of skills, the updating of the knowledge
    monitor the level of involvement, professionalism and career growth of each employee
  • use in one system the tools for monitoring and analyzing learning effects
  • further develop your business with training staff
  • automate and accelerate the training of personnel, learning business processes, implementing changes
  • scale the training for an unlimited number of employees without increasing the cost
  • receive working channels of inform and information influence for employees and partners in the 24/7 access mode
  • develop the knowledge base of the organization – all the information necessary for employees
  • utomatically accumulates as the training materials are prepared and remains in the organization
  • save your technical resources and reduce attract your IT-specialists – it is a cloud solution with technical support from the developer
  • integrate with the company’s systems – automate processes, supplement the analysis of data with information about training of employees

Collaborator Tools

Organize the full cycle training system from creating and promoting content to analyzing results without the need for additional tools and technical skills

Creating and Importing Learning Content

Built-in editors will allow you to quickly create tests, polls, information pages, simple courses and complex training programs. All common types of resources are supported (presentations, documents, LongRead, SCORM, audio and video, books, etc.)

Flexible management of learning process

Training on individual and group task's lists. Tasks can use any training content from a test or a book to a curriculum. Set up automatic assignment of tasks to users.

Internal marketing for training

Creation of a marketing company to determine the effective method of training, the best format of content and reliable channels for delivery of educational material.


Forum, chat, commenting Tasks, reminders and notifications, monitoring sent and read E-mail and other tools for effective communication and connecting between employees.

Knowledge Base

Using tags and a category tree to organize an information database. Free and limited access. Flexible and fast search on wiki, info-resources, news and forum topics.

Personel assessment

Tools for simple and complex testing, conducting surveys using the 360 ° methodology, using checklists and questionnaires.

Analytical reports

Reports on learning process with real-time data updates and graphical summary of results. Reports on the behavior of users in the system. Consolidated and customized special reports.

Integration Tools

Import and download data in common formats. API integration with company systems and web services. LMS Collaborator is built as combination of web-services by the RESTful API concept. So it can be integrated with everyone IT-system.

Additional Tools

Personal development plans. Work tasks. Management by objectives. Calendar of classes. Sending SMS. Service requests. Birthdays and other tools.

In my practice, I have repeatedly worked with distance learning systems. Collaborator is the third in a row and the most successful of them. The system has convenient basic functionality, excellent features. Along with flexible approach of the system creators in an implementation of individual requests and solution of learning tasks, their desire to help and be involved in the realization of client’s ideas plays an important role.

Irina Kalinichenko, Head of Training and Development Department PJSC "DATAGROUP"
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