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    Our practical experience ismore than 100 implementations in companies from 200 to 20,000 employees and more than 10 years of consulting services on e-Learning, mentoring and participation in professional corporate learning communities.

    Having a Partnership with LMS Collaborator, you will be able to:


    • quickly add value to corporate clients in the form of an automated system for staff training and development.
      We take care of everything related to the deployment of the system, training of its administrators and ensuring its functioning.
    • provide corporate clients with their own additional consulting and administration services for training, adaptation and certification processes.
      We will teach you and provide you with consulting and technical support.
    • be able to flexibly scale, accelerate and automate your own training programs and courses.
      We will help with the organizational and technical part.
    • implement our own projects to build a corporate learning system on the base of LMS Collaborator.
      We have 15 years of experience in this field and we will be glad to help.
    • be able to supply your own IT solutions with a multifunctional and easily integrated LMS system.
      We are interested in integrating with any system and we are actively allocating resources for this.
      The LMS Collaborator architecture is based on the REST API, we are very focused on providing our partners with flexible integration capabilities.
    • distribute relevant IT solutions for HR tasks, using LMS Collaborator features.
      We will help you to use our API and Webhook, as well as to secure access to training data.
    Our partners are:
    • HR consultants and training centers,
    • companies involved in system integration, implementation of ERP-systems and HR-automation systems,
    • software developers,
    • and other companies focused on automating HR processes for medium and large business clients.


    Your customer immediately receives a ready-made service hosted in the cloud. We provide a full technical support, so you don’t need to worry about:

    • ensuring the continuous operation of the system,
    • maintenance of the platform,
    • modernization of the technical side,
    • automatic updating of the platform to the latest version.

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    Our partners

    "Blue Horse"

    Explanatory Video Studio

    The studio produces hand-drawn videos (series) of an educational and entertaining nature for the Internet audience.

    IBS Consulting Group

    Consulting company accredited by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    IBS Consulting Group is an international company specializing in providing professional services in the field of consulting, business training of personnel, research of the internal and external business environment.

    Vikrant Dongre

    CEO Leadersource Consulting GmbH

    Public health advocate and HR Leader with expertise in Business partnering, Learning solutions, Digital transformation, Talent strategy, Workforce planning, High Performing Team development, facilitation and coaching.

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