• LMS Collaborator for 4.5.0

    LMS Collaborator for 4.5.0
    – is a volunteer initiative of the LMS Collaborator team.


    Our team has the ability to help the Defense Forces with what we do best – organizing, automating and reporting on learning processes.

    We надаємо в користування платформу LMS Collaborator, for use at our own expense, provide technical capacity, training in its use, consulting and technical support, help with the automation of the learning process and the creation of elearning content.

    4.5.0 – is a military code that means “all is calm at the front”.
    Our goal is to help with our expertise, the latest technologies and learning tools to prepare the Defense Forces to achieve 4.5.0 status in our country.

    What it offers

    • Theoretical learning becomes mobile and works 24/7
      All you need is a browser and Internet access.
    • Theoretical learning becomes independent and controlled
      Students receive high-quality theoretical materials of various formats (video, text, audio, tests, presentations) remotely. They also study them and take tests for self-control. You can track the progress of familiarization with the material for each course participant in real time.
    • Instructors get more time for practical training
      Instructors use the time for theoretical preparation more efficiently, as the course participants have already familiarized themselves with the theory. Instructors can devote more time to addressing important issues and practice.
    • Automatic generation of learning reports
      It is possible to automatically generate a rating of students’ performance and issue certificates for passing.

    Who is it for

    • Those who teach the use of complex technological complexes, sophisticated information and analytical systems.
    • For those who need to scale up the theoretical part of training, transfer to a remote asynchronous format, and automate the learning process.

    Our cases

    Training of users of the situational awareness system

    Griselda is an automated system for entering, processing and transmitting information using artificial intelligence

    In the LMS Collaborator, the military is trained to use the Griselda information system. This system automatically collects information about the enemy from various sources, analyzes and verifies its accuracy, and provides tools for further use. It interacts with other systems such as Delta, Kropyva, Armor, etc. Griselda is used by hundreds of units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

    Training of UAV crews

    Spaitech is a company specializing in the development, production and supply of unmanned aerial vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2015.

    Military personnel are trained to master the skills of a UAV piloting team. The LMS provides theoretical learning materials for self-study. The learning process is controlled by testing. A "flight sheet" functionality has been developed that allows instructors to mark flight tasks at the training ground and then automatically generate the necessary reports.


    Training for veterans and multidisciplinary teams working with veterans

    The Mindy Foundation helps people who have returned from the frontline and survived the horrors of war to look at life from a new perspective. It provides psychological, rehabilitation, legal, and educational assistance to veterans and their families. In the LMS Collaborator, we have collected materials for veterans to learn new professions and train multidisciplinary teams that will continue to work on veterans' requests. Users have access to only the materials they need, and their learning of these materials is checked by tests. In addition to the courses, the platform has created a powerful knowledge base with easy navigation.

    Global Drone Academy

    The Global Drone Academy is a training center for UAV pilots and operators that conducts training in cooperation with the Army of Drones.

    Students receive systematic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in using UAVs in the combat zone. Practical training is conducted at various training grounds in Kyiv and the region with different terrain, territory and infrastructure, which brings the training conditions closer to the combat zone

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    LMS Collaborator for 4.5.0
    Залишайте запит, ми зв`яжемось з вами та обговоримо всі деталі. Надамо систему та допоможемо власною експертизою в ефективному налаштуванні навчання

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