French concern GROUPE ATLANTIC – a recognized European leader in the production of electric convectors and water heaters.

    Our standards provide high requirements for the level of expert knowledge of employees because incompetence not only does not help to promote the brand but also, in most cases, undermines the company’s development. The LMS Collaborator is the best solution for all of our organizational needs and methods of learning and motivation, integration with other reporting systems in the company.

    Dmitry Kuznetsov
    Manager of technical training systems

    About the company

    French concern GROUPE ATLANTIC – a recognized European leader in the production of electric convectors and water heaters. The first factory of GROUPE ATLANTIC opened on the Atlantic coast of France in La-Roche-sur-Yon in 1968. Today, GROUPE ATLANTIC consists of 15 factories. One of the most modern factories is the “Ukratlantik” factory in Odessa. It can be considered as the flagship of the industry because this plant fully implements all the innovations GROUPE ATLANTIC. This is a complete cycle production with a perfect multilevel quality control system. All products coming from the conveyor of the “Ukratlantik” plant are made of high-quality materials and European components, taking into account international quality standards.

    Atlantic-Geyser sells GROUPE ATLANTIC equipment in Ukraine since 2008. Since 2010, the water heaters of the Atlantic brand are the leader in Ukraine in terms of sales. Products are represented in the largest national networks of home appliances, online stores, and DIY.

    The free customer information line works 24/7. An extensive network of 120 service partners throughout Ukraine provides customers with proper services.


    Organization of continuous training and checking the level of knowledge of employees.

    A possibility of safe integration with the company’s internal software.

    Online formation and uploading of reports.

    Reconstruction of a hierarchical structure and flexible levels of access settings.

    Ability to quickly manage content libraries, create courses for programs and certification programs.

    The ability of distant access of employees to the resource of knowledge from different devices.

    Involvement in administering the minimum number of employees.

    Competent technical and operational support.


    With Collaborator we managed to quickly set up product libraries and the necessary training content.

    With built-in editing tools, all programs and courses can be dynamically changed and relevant to current positions and requirements.

    Employee testing system was automated.

    The learning results are integrated into the cash motivation system of the staff. All results are available online.

    The system of access to content and learning results is clearly arranged in a hierarchy. As a result, the system ensures the work of two independent units of different countries without mix-up in information and in working communication.

    The program of involving linear managers in the process of professional growth of employees was implemented.

    Technical and administrative support from GROUPE ATLANTIC, as well as content development for the training platform, is handled by only one manager.

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