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    Tariff configurations
    450 USD / month
    399 USD / month
    • Up to 5,000 users
    • 27 functions
    • 50 GB Storage
    • Technical support
    599 USD / month
    The most popular
    • Up to 5,000 users
    • 42 functions
    • 100 GB Storage
    • Technical & Сonsulting support
    999 USD / month
    • Up to 5,000 users
    • 67 functions
    • 200 GB Storage
    • Personal manager
    • Help with creation of courses and tests
    • Individual development
    Functional modules
    User management.Add accounts manually, self-register, use tag tags for users, lock and activate accounts.
    User synchronization.Import from CSV, use city, department and position attributes, update data on next import.
    Login through social networks.Log in through Facebook, Google+ (Other networks may be added).
    Organizational structureSetting the OU hierarchy, leaders and subordinates, automatic reallocation of users with synchronization (It requires functional 2).
    Possibility of individual adjustment of automation with personnel system of the company1C, Active Directory and other directories employees.
    ContactsBase contact details of employees with search, filter and organizational structure.
    Learning resourcesCreating and uploading of information resources (HTML-page, file, web presentation, gallery, links, Markdown’s page).
    SCORM, HTML5Import training modules SCORM and HTML.
    PresentationsConverting PDF and PowerPoint presentations into a web format.
    Audio and Video ResourcesThe background converting video files into a web format (MP4, OGG).
    Import / export of resources to manually backupІмпорт / експорт ресурсів для резервування вручну.
    WorkshopsIssuance of tasks for independent practical work, individual counseling, file sharing and verification of the results of the problem with the grading.
    Classroom coursesAssigning full-time employment (date, time, place), attach files to a class, grading
    Tests (Quizzes)Seven types of questions: single, multiple, free answers, ordering, classification, matching and selection of the area of the picture. Import questions from a text file. Different test modes.
    Complex testingOrganization of general testing on given topics with an analysis of the results for each topic separately.
    Polls and Voting
    CoursesThe combination of resources, tests and polls into simple courses. Formation and setting a course plan.
    Learning programsPooling resources, tests, surveys and courses in the curriculum. Creating a learning path setting rules for access to the elements of the program.
    Task scheduleFormation of the task list and the dates of their execution. Individual or group appointment listeners. Timing modes – without restrictions, in the days after the appointment, in the calendar period. Assigning mode – self-appointment, the filing compulsory assignment.
    Integration webinars BigBlueButton(not included in the tariff, is provided as an additional service)
    Integration webinar with Microsoft Teams(not included in the tariff, is provided as an additional service)
    Integration webinar eTutorium(not included in the tariff, is provided as an additional service)
    Messaging serviceSetting message templates. Message on e-mail, browser.
    SMS-messagesIntegration with TurboSMS service (https://turbosms.ua) (not included in the tariff, is provided as an additional service)
    General AnnouncementsAnnouncements on the home page for all users
    Announcements to obtain feedbackAppointment to a user group automatically and manually. Types – notification, confirmation type “familiar” and “involved / maybe / no”
    NewsNews line division into headings. News archive.
    ForumReal-time updates, ratings, and comments of participants, recruitment of new members, the attachment files about an update message.
    Closed forum topicsCreating those with limited access. Only members can see the theme and its message. All information is encrypted.
    Restricting access to the forum sectionIt permits users to access resources by a combination of signs of the city, department, title, tag. (It requires functional 2 )
    ChatTalk in real time. Group and personal channels of communication. Attaching files and browser messages. Search for chat.
    WikiInternal Public encyclopedia.
    Knowledge baseAutomatic generation of the information base. Search for Resources, the wiki, news, forum.
    Restricting access to resourcesRestricting access to resources Customizable guppy access to resources by a combination of signs of the city, department, title, tag. (It requires functional 2 )
    CommentsCommenting mode of learning tasks.
    Control and manage comments
    WorkloadsTask Tracker fixation process of setting and perform their tasks. (It requires functional 2 )
    Customer serviceAccepting applications for maintenance service companies and monitoring their implementation.
    ReportsTraining course, pass the test, the sessions of the journal user experience with the system.
    Report on Learning programs
    The report on the survey
    Summary report on training students in selected tasks for the selected period
    Learning Case Log
    Email Sent Log
    SMS Sent Log(It requires functional 15.1)
    User Import Log(It requires functional 2.)
    Reporting to managers by their subordinates(It requires functional 4.)
    Surveys procedure 360°(It requires functional пп. 4.)
    ChecklistsConducting evaluations controller / trainer Checklist.
    Automation rulesSetting up rules to automatically assign tasks. (It requires functional 2.)
    Customized reportsCreate customized reports on the requirements of the customer.
    Badges for performing tasksCreating a set of badges. Automatic awarding badge if successful assignment. Personal collection of badges.
    CertificationsUsing Certificate Templates. The issuance of a certificate for the successful execution of the job. Reports issued certificates.
    Integration with TelegramsSending notifications and connection with Telegram-bots.
    Integration with ViberSending notifications and connection with Viber-bots.
    Learning PathsAutomation of the Learning Process, the creation of flexible adaptive Learning Paths.
    Learning Paths PROAdditional elements for logic Learning Paths and time delays.
    Individual Development PlansSetting templates personal development plans for different areas Evaluation of the implementation plan manager, supervisor, self-esteem.
    Processing of applications for trainingFormation of the list of qualifying programs, collection and processing of applications for them.
    REST API integration
    Integration with payment systemsConnection of payment systems for the organization paid access to educational tasks.
    Antivirus module(not included in the tariff, is provided as an additional service)
    included in the tariff
    not available in the tariff
    connecting an external service
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