• Kovbas-Market

    Kovbas Market” is a chain of stores of high-quality sausage products and cheese.

    This is an excellent platform for training and testing of employees. A very user-friendly interface and a reporting system for any analytics. Literally, every action of an employee can be monitored in online mode. More than six months passed since we implemented this product in our company.  During this time we managed to implement automated training programs for trainees, conducted 3 attestations of all sales personnel and, of course, employees obtain new knowledge every week through the LMS.

    Denys Kravchenko
    Head of Organization Development Department

    About the company

    “Kovbas Market” is a chain of stores of high-quality sausage products and cheese. Now they have more than 50 outlets, most of which are in Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya regions.


    The company employs more than 600 people, but the network is growing and the number of employees is constantly growing. Therefore, the leadership was faced with the question of how to quickly and efficiently train the staff.


    A corporate training portal is always available for employees from any device.

    The organized knowledge base is convenient to use. All instructions and guidance are stored in one place and are easily updated. There is no confusion.

    Standard training is automated – assignments and courses are automatically appointed,  depending on the position and level of an employee.

    Certification of employees’ knowledge is combined with an assessment of compliance with service standards on check-lists.

    Training of employees is an essential part of the motivational program. The portal displays the external rating of each employee which is summarized with the training rating. The level in the consolidated rating determines the employee’s category on which depends the amount of his material compensation.

    Real-time reports allow you to analyze the current situation at any time.

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