• Territory of Minimum Prices

    Territory of Minimum Prices is a chain of stores for the whole family, with a wide selection of clothing, footwear, toys, haberdashery, household goods, pet products and leisure goods for the whole family.

    Thanks to the functionality of LMS Collaborator, we were able to create training programs and combine them into an annual learning path for each category of employees. This allows us to track the statistics and progress of each employee’s learning.

    Easy access to the platform and 24/7 use makes life easier for everyone. The ability to create a Knowledge Base is an undeniable advantage. Standardization and automation of the adaptation, onboarding, and evaluation processes is the key to successful and fast learning for our newcomers within the timeframe we set. Various types of reports are of course helpful in analyzing and evaluating the learning process.

    Svitlana Levicheva
    Head of the Learning and Development Department

    About the company

    The company has been operating in the market for 12 years and employs over 800 people. The chain consists of 13 large stores, 11 of which are located in Kyiv and one in Chernihiv and Ivano-Frankivsk.
    The company launched the learning portal Territory of Your Development in 2022. Currently, about 700 employees are trained on the LMS Collaborator platform.


    To automate and optimize the learning process and knowledge checks for all staff groups.

    To train line staff in company standards, cash discipline, merchandising rules, etc.

    To improve the skills of merchandisers.

    To automate the knowledge test.

    To increase the interest and engagement of employees in learning.


    Implementation of separate learning paths for each position.

    Using tests, checklists, and complex tests in training programs to automatically check knowledge acquisition.

    Developing cyclical learning for merchandisers that includes dosed delivery of materials.

    Using learning portal analytics to analyze employee performance and progress.

    Developing a game-based learning methodology and using virtual awards – badges that have three levels of demonstration of achievements.

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