• LMS Collaborator + HRM Hurma

    LMS Collaborator + HRM HURMA

    Starting from 2020, LMS Collaborator is integrated with the HURMA HRM system.

    HRM platform automates and helps to systematize the work of HR departments of organizations.

    You can manage all HR-work in the HURMA system: information about the staff of the company, its recruiting, status, documentation, calendar of employees with vacation, sick leave etc.

    In this integration, LMS Collaborator takes on all the functions of organizing the training of employees, conducting their assessments through quizzes and checklists, 360º, 270º, 180º, and 90º methodology assessments and providing them with informational support through the Knowledge Base and other means of information dissemination.

    In accordance with the changes in HURMA HRM, LMS Collaborator will automatically add new users and block discharged employees, and personal information will be automatically updated for each person.

    The results of the employees’ training and other their activity in the LMS Collaborator distance learning system will be available for analysis in the HURMA HRM system.

    LMS Collaborator and HURMA HRM cooperate to develop new integration possibilities in accordance with our clients’ requests. We are jointly improving and preparing new integration capabilities.

    LMS Collaborator and HURMA HRM have prepared an advantageous offer for those who require a comprehensive solution “2 in 1”.

    Choose the LMS Collaborator package you need for your HURMA HRM:

    • Assessment 360 – all you need for 360º, 270º, 180º and 90º evaluation of your staff;
    • Standard – everything you need for the organization of the educational portal of the company;
    • Pro – the maximum configuration of LMS for the corporate training portal and development of employees

    You will get 10% discount for LMS Collaborator + 10% discount for HURMA HRM

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    About HURMA

    HURMA is an All-in-One HR platform for building the best team. The system helps companies grow faster and HR and recruiters save valuable time.

    HURMA includes:

    • HRM system. Absence management, employee database, autoscripts, Payroll, mobile chat-bots;
    • ATS system. Automation of applications, sourcing in a few cliques, job posting, candidate funnel, email marketing;
    • Description of the employees. Easy constructor, Q12 and eNPS templates are built in;
    • OKR. Productivity management, objectives and key results;
    • In-depth analytics. All recruitment and HR metrics in one system.

    All on a personal Single Tenant-server and with the recommendation of 1000 companies from 17 countries.

    More details can be found on the official website – https://hurma.work/en/

    LMS Collaborator + HURMA
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