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    Personnel assessment based on LMS. The case of BISCOTTI

    Date published: 31.07.2023
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    The efficiency of the entire company depends on the professionalism and level of competence of its staff. An assessment can help determine the potential of employees, identify areas for improvement and the need for additional training. The data obtained from the assessment helps to develop a proper and effective strategy that will contribute to the efficient development of personnel.

    Tetiana Vikhot, HR Inspector at BISCOTTI, told us how BISCOTTI uses the LMS Collaborator learning portal to conduct employee evaluations.

    About the compan


    BISCOTTI is a Ukrainian confectionery company founded in 2010. The main mission of the company “Exceeding expectations” is the principle that distinguishes the spirit, ideas and actions of BISCOTTI. The main production facilities are located in Lviv. Today the company has 7 own confectionery bakeries located in Lviv. The product range includes more than 140 types of confectionery products, which are represented throughout Ukraine, except for the temporarily occupied territories.

    The company employs over 800 people.

    Tatiana Vikhot – HR inspector at BISCOTTI


    – Tetiana, tell us how long ago e-learning was introduced in your company? What was the reason for this decision?

    – On September 21, 2021, we uploaded the first resource to the portal, and on October 22, 2021, the company’s administrative staff began their acquaintance and work with the distance learning system. The main goal of the CIS implementation was to automate the adaptation of newcomers.

    biscotti learnig portal

    – What are your business needs for e-learning?

    – Due to the increase in the number of employees, the company needed to create a single resource for storing training materials, conducting adaptation and evaluation of employees, and internal communication.

    – How many employees are involved in distance learning today?

    – Currently, 428 users are actively learning the system, including administrative staff and partly production.

    – Tell us more about the organization of competency assessment on the LMS Collaborator learning portal. How often does the assessment take place?

    –The company has implemented an initial and systematic personnel assessment. The company’s employees undergo an assessment of corporate competencies in the context of the “Company values update” project.

    assessment Biscotti


    – Which groups of employees are involved in the assessment?

    – Administrative staff, sales team, and production staff.

    – What competencies are considered key for employees in your company?

    – The competencies of our company are the behaviors that our employees must demonstrate. These are teamwork, result orientation, honesty, efficiency, responsibility, and an ambitious vision of the future

    – What criteria do you use to determine the level of competence of your employees?

    – Previously, we used to assess the qualification level of an employee by achieving their goals, and now we have created a new assessment scale – an assessment by competencies (how an employee achieves goals).

    groups of criteria

    – How do you use the results of the assessment to further develop your employees? Do you provide employees with feedback on the results of the?

    – After passing the assessment, each employee receives recommendations on how to develop their sagging competencies. At the moment, motivation for the assessment is provided to employees of the production and sales teams. In particular, the motivation of production is an intangible reward, while the sales team receives a tangible reward.

    Biscotti resource

    – What opportunities are provided to employees to improve their competencies based on the assessment?

    – In the recommendations for developing slipping competencies, we remind you what this particular competency means, its key indicators, and a list of possible negative indicators of employee behavior. We also provide a list of books, movies, and resources on the portal to help improve the competency. In addition, our company has implemented a training model based on the 60% x 20% x 10% x 10% development formula. This means that 60% of the time is spent on on-the-job training, 20% on peer-to-peer training, 10% on classroom training, and 10% on distance learning.

    recommendations for employee development

    – What advice can you give to companies that want to implement assessment?

    – At the stage of launching the assessment, communicate with representatives of companies that work with the system to assess all the opportunities and risks of the system.

    – What processes and tasks did you manage to improve with the help of the LMS Collaborator learning portal?

    – First and foremost, we set ourselves the goal of automating the onboarding of new employees and are on track to achieve it. We have also managed to establish internal communication, started the process of training employees, and conducted employee assessments on our platform..

    – In what directions do you plan to develop the learning portal?

    – At this stage, the number of resources on the portal is increasing, as is the number of employees. That is why we are actively studying and planning to develop and implement a learning path.


    Assessment is a process that requires careful preparation and planning. With the help of the LMS Collaborator learning portal, BISCOTTI managed to quickly and efficiently implement staff assessment.
    Analyzing the results allows the company to identify competencies that need to be improved and thus direct its efforts and resources to improve them. What helps to effectively develop employees and their skills.

    Conduct employee assessments using LMS Collaborator tools. Choose the right assessment method: 90, 180 or 360 degrees and effectively analyze the results with the help of automatic system analytics.
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