• LMS Collaborator + BranchTrack

    LMS Collaborator + BranchTrack

    Dialogic simulators are one of the popular methods of gamification of learning.

    The simulator encourages you to think and make choices in realistic situations, which allows you to consolidate crucial knowledge and skills.

    Приклад діалогового тренажеру BranchTarckRealistic dialogical and situational simulators can be used practically in any field of study:

    • Conversation with a customer
    • Customer support
    • Supervision of employees
    • Following procedures
    • Ethical issues
    • Actions in an emergency situation

    LMS Collaborator provides integration with BranchTrack dialogue simulations.

    Using BranchTrack together with LMS Collaborator you get:

    • A handy and simple tool for creating and changing interactive simulators;
    • Connecting tasks with simulators to any educational process in LMS – both as individual tasks, and in the composition of courses, programs and training pathways;
    • convenient reporting of simulator results in Excel or via API in external analytics systems.

    There are many ways to use the simulators in our LMS. Contact us through this form and we will give you all the relevant information.




    LMS Collaborator + BranchTrack
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