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    LMS Collaborator and IT training – the case of S-PRO

    Date published: 07.09.2022
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    Every IT company is interested in finding good specialists who will do their job effectively and develop, becoming middle and then senior. Many companies take newcomers and invest resources in their development to then offer them the desired position in the team. These can be mentoring programs or free courses.

    So training and continuous development for such companies is a relevant and necessary step. What is especially important for IT specialists training, what is the best training format for IT professions and how to build the training process in the LMS Collaborator, says Anastasia Smirnova, L&D manager at S-PRO.


    S-PRO company info

    S-PRO logoS-PRO is a software development and IT consulting partner. The company combines expertise in mobile development, data and cloud solutions to create innovative digital products for its clients.

    S-PRO’s key customers are Swiss and German companies in the Fintech and Healthcare industries. As a result of many years of cooperation, S-PRO has gained considerable experience in these industries.

    More than 250 specialists from all over the world work in the company’s departments in Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Switzerland and Germany. In addition, S-PRO supports remote work of employees, so everyone has the opportunity to travel and choose a convenient place to work.

    Over the past 8 years, S-PRO has implemented over 150 projects ranging from small MVPs to large-scale corporate solutions. The company adheres to the principle: “to look at business through the eyes of clients in order to offer the best solution and develop functionality that meets the needs of end users”.

    As a technical partner S-PRO includes all aspects of software product development, constantly looking for new approaches and opportunities for project development.

    “The introduction of the LMS Collaborator has greatly simplified our life – it has become easier to store and use our work. Now all the materials are structured by areas, and it is easier for us to control the dynamics of their study. Besides, thanks to LMS, we were able to reform the work of S-PRO Academy, which is a very convenient and useful tool indeed”. – Anastasia Smirnova

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    Implementing e-learning

    The personal progress of employees is as important as the global results, and the minor success of each leads to the success of the entire company. S-PRO believes in each team member and in their potential, they are stars for the company. And the company strives to make each “star” even brighter. Therefore, training and development of employees is a separate and important activity of S-PRO.

    To ensure that this value is not only on paper, but is put into practice, S-PRO has a Learning&Development Department. Specialists from this department create personal development programs for employees, regularly test soft and hard skills and adjust the development program to strengthen each team member.

    In addition, S-PRO cooperates with several educational companies and constantly conducts internal workshops in which employees share their knowledge with their colleagues. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of recordings of workshops, presentations and various compilations of materials, so it was important for the company that everyone, especially new employees, have access to them. Simply storing all training material on Google Drive was not enough, because the L&D department needed to track and monitor employee training.

    “Now (ed: after implementing an LMS) it’s possible to determine which materials an employee should be familiar with first and track the progress of training.”

    So last year S-PRO decided to introduce corporate e-learning using the LMS Collaborator.

    S-PRO portal login page

    Educational portal S-PRO

    Educational portal S-PRO

    It has greatly facilitated the work flow and increased the efficiency of learning. In addition, it is now possible to determine which materials an employee should get acquainted with first and track the progress of learning.

    S-PRO Academy and training of IT-specialists

    S-PRO executives and leads are professionals with many years of experience. The company values professional development. A large number of high-level specialists have developed their skills while working at S-PRO. They managed to accumulate an insane amount of knowledge and experience that they are willing to share with others. That is why S-PRO has directed its energies to creating internal and external projects for the development of young professionals.

    Last year, the company launched the S-PRO Academy project. These are free courses for IT beginners.

    Organize employee training on the basis of LMS Collaborator. Submit an application and our managers will help you with the choice of tools and demonstrate all the features of the platform.

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    Facebook page of S-PRO Academy

    Facebook page of S-PRO Academy

    Many people think that free courses are useless, and often they are, but courses from IT companies are on a completely different level. After all, the best specialists are offered internships and then jobs by the company. It is with this motivation that S-PRO mentors and employees teach, wanting to “grow” reliable colleagues.

    The first S-PRO course was held in offline format and came to the conclusion that it was not very convenient and not efficient enough. That’s why we decided to launch the next courses in the online format and use LMS Collaborator. This format significantly increased the effectiveness of the training!

    S-PRO Academy training course

    S-PRO Academy training course

    S-PRO Academy training course

    Every week students get access to a new block of lectures, and they can view them at any time and any number of times. They then move on to practicing what they have learned in practice. Mentors are constantly in touch to help with the hard work and hold Q&A sessions every week. All to ensure that students get the most information and skills. At the end of the course, in addition to knowledge, students will have a finished project in their portfolio, which will show their expertise in future interviews. And those who pass the selection will get further mentorship, development and growth already inside the S-PRO team.

    Based on the LMS Collaborator, the company produces workshops for the team, prepares materials along with courses, and regularly fills the system with useful materials. S-PRO has also recently launched a full-fledged mentoring program.

    All training materials consist of video recordings of workshops and lectures and presentations.

    S-PRO Academy training course

    S-PRO develops training programs and courses for it specialists. They also actively maintain a corporate library – the LMS Collaborator knowledge base.

    S-PRO knowledge base

    S-PRO knowledge base

    S-PRO knowledge base

    S-PRO has a growth plan for all employees, so their progress is checked at certain intervals during meetings with the Team or Tech Lead and the L&D Department Manager. In general, the best indicator of training success for the company is the results in work processes and the speed of career growth.

    S-PROP Recipe

    • S-PRO has a separate department, the Learning&Development Department, which is responsible for training and improving the skills and knowledge of its employees. The department’s specialists create personal development programs for employees, regularly test soft and hard skills and customize development programs for each employee to strengthen their knowledge and skills.
    • The company actively supports the development of young IT specialists, so it launched the S-PRO Academy project – courses for new IT specialists. The courses are based on the experience and accumulated knowledge of the company’s internal specialists.
    • S-PRO courses are conducted online on the basis of the LMS Collaborator platform. The transition from offline to online format has significantly helped to increase the efficiency of specialist training.
    • Material is freely available to students, so they can view it at any time convenient for them.
    • Lecture materials are presented in blocks – this helps not to overload students with information. In order to learn the material better after the lectures students practice what they’ve learned with constant support of mentors.
    • S-PRO regularly fills the Knowledge Base with useful materials to help educate it specialists.

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