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1 User management
Add accounts manually, self-registration, apply tags for users, lock/unlock accounts
2 User synchronization
Import from CSV, using the characteristics of the city, Department and position, update user data under the next imports
3 Login via social networks
Authorization through Facebook, Google+ (other can be added)
4 Learning resources
Creating and uploading resources to study. HTML page, files, web, presentation, photo-gallery, hyperlink, Markdown page and other
5 Import learning modules SCORM and HTML        
6 Presentations
Convert PDF and PowerPoint presentations into web format
7 Video
Background conversion of video files to web format (MP4, OGG)
8 Import/export resources        
9 Tests
The question of single, multiple and free answers, on ordering and classification, on comparison and selection by picture. Import questions from a text file. Various testing modes
10 Polls and voting.        
11 Courses
Combining resources, tests, polls in the simple Course. Create and configure a plan of the course. Courses with the self-appointed, with the filing of the application and enforcement appointment
12 Schedule tasks
The list of tasks with the dates of their execution
13 Webinars BigBlueButton*
the possibility of this additional service
14 Services send messages
Configuring message templates. Notification by e-mail, push notifications by browser
15 SMS messages *
the possibility of this additional service
16 News feed
Maintaining the news line
17 Forum
The discussions in real time, rankings of participants, inviting new members
18 Chat
Discussions in real time. Group and personal channels of communication. Attach files and browser notifications. Search by chat
19 Wiki
Internal public encyclopedia
20 Knowledge base
Knowledge accumulation in background with use of permitted resources, wiki, news, allowed forum messages, contextual search
Comments in the tasks with resources, tests, courses
22 Reports
The course, pass the test, the journal of the users sessions
23 Report on polls        
24 The access log to learning tasks      
25 A log of sent email      
26 Protocol import users      
27 Badges for tasks
Creation of badge sets. Issue badge for completed tasks. Personal collections of badges.
28 Organizational structure
Setting subordinate units, managers and subordinates, automatic redistribution user synchronization
29 Automatic synchronization with HR enterprise system
The ability to customize the automation system of the company. Practice 1C, Active Directory, and other directories employees
30 “Grabber pages”
Tools for automatic creation of resource by the specified URL
31 Sync with Google Docs
Use and sync Google Docs documents as resources
32 Workshops
Issue assignments for independent hands-on work, individual counseling, file sharing and verification of task results with grading
33 Meetups
The appointment of full-time studies (date, time, place), attachment of files for the lesson, grading
34 Educational programms
Combining resources, tests, surveys and courses in the curriculum. Formation learning paths for setting access rules to elements of the program
35 Announcement, notification
Creating ads and collecting feedback
36 Managing access restrictions
Permit user access to resources with a combination of parameters of the City, Department, Position, Tags
37 Control and management of the comments
Moderate comments, edit and delete them
38 Work Tasks
Task tracker – fixation process of formulation and implementation of office tasks
39 Requests
Acceptance of applications for servicing of the company’s services and monitoring of their implementation
40 Report on program.    
41 A log of sent SMS    
42 Automation rules
Set up rules to automatically assign tasks
43 Complex testing
A generalized test on given topics with the analysis of the results for each topic separately
44 Closed topiks of forum
The creation of forum topics with limited access and message encryption
45 Restricting access to forum sections
Permit access to users by a combination of attributes city, division, position and tags
46 Summary report on users training on all assignments for the period  
47 Reporting to the leaders of their subordinates  
48 360° Degree Feedback Surveys  
49 Check-lists
Conducting an assessment by the controller / trainer on checklists
50 Interface translation
Tools for custom customized translation UI into different languages
51 API integration  
52 Personal Development Plans
Customize templates of personal development plans for various purposes. Flexible making changes to the plan and combining different plans.
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