Free trial
How to form an opinion on the system in the best way? Of course, you should test the system!

You will be granted access to the demo version of the portal, where you can see the full functionality of the system, try on the role of the User and Tutor, create trial courses, tests, programs… In fact, you can do whatever you want.

If you will need help – we`ll be in touch.

Tangible results are the best way to demonstrate the usefulness of buying and implementing an online learning system in your company!

Choose the project, define the KPI and together we will agree on the term of its implementation.
If necessary, our managers will help you with defining the project.
Read the test projects cases here.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What platforms does Collaborator run on?

Collaborator is a 100% web-based system! Therefore, nothing needs to be installed on the computer, tablet or phone. You can use the Collaborator anywhere you have an Internet connection.

What determines the cost of the tariff?

The price of a Collaborator is determined by the set of functionality and the amount of technical support that you require, and does not depend on the number of employees of your company that will use the system.

What does a free trial period mean?

During the trial period, you can try for free in action Collaborator with the maximum functionality.

14-day period will help you get acquainted with the functional Collaborator, interface and system capabilities.

If you want to check how Collaborator cope with the real task – to choose “during the test project.” We will help you to customize the system for your task and test it in real conditions.

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