SOCAR Testimonial

Olena Makarchuk

Head of HR Department
SOCAR Testimonial

Easy to use, smooth operation, flexibility – the three main qualities of the platform. User friendliness, openness and stable support are the “special features” of the technical support team.

About the company

SOCAR is the brand owned by the largest vertically-integrated oil and gas corporation in Azerbaijan, the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic, hence the abbreviation SOCAR.

Currently, SOCAR and its affiliated companies are interacting with 25 companies from 15 countries. In different directions of the oil and gas industry, SOCAR and its subdivisions together with foreign companies have established 37 joint ventures and 7 alliances.


To create a communication centre employees with the company, to combine the broad geography of the subdivisions with a single information channel to strengthen the corporate culture.

To create a simple and affordable tool for continuous learning, implementing distance learning. To be exact, to automate the adaptation of new employees, implement the program of personnel reserve and launch a motivational program of professional growth.


Since the company has an extensive regional network in Ukraine and many regional employees do not use PCs in their work, it was decided to combine the tasks in one portal. A single portal with functions of a distance learning system and an intranet web site that is accessible from any devices simplified corporate communications and, at the moment, made it possible to coordinate several HR programs: adaptation, training, motivation, personnel reserve.

The portal hosts training programs for each position, automatic assignments for new and reassigned employees are set up. Passing the training program is part of the motivation program. The criteria affecting the level of employees reward is meeting the deadlines of the training programs, the achievement of the set success threshold.

The process of accepting applications from employees who wish to complete the training program for the position for which they are applying is organized through the catalogue of tasks. According to the results of the successful completion of the training program, a personnel reserve of the company is formed.

The appointment of any programs to improve the professional level of knowledge (or because of the changes in certain operational processes) at the same time covered all categories of employees, with reference to the date of passing, checking the level of knowledge and possibility of reporting on the result with any sampling parameters.

An information module was developed for the company — various types of news were created, a contact directory (according to the company structure), notifications of significant events with the possibility of adding individual distribution rules were connected with the organizational structure.

The traffic of the chat channels and forum is organized, with the possibility of differentiation by the necessary criteria.

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