Task List Training

Collaborator users do their assigned task list. Each Assignment can contain any learning content: from a simple resource (web page, video, book, etc.) to compound courses and extensive training programs. All tasks are evaluated on a 100-point scale. In each task, you can set up a success index. If the user’s result is above this index the task is completed successfully.

No conflict between a group and an individual training

Each user can be trained in several training groups at the same time. Additionally, everyone can have individual tasks. All assigned tasks will be gathered for the user on one screen – “My tasks”. To join users into one group is enough to set up the same marker for them. Besides in Collaborator users are automatically grouped according to such characteristics as “City”, “Unit”, “Position”.

Без конфликтов между групповым и индивидуальным обучением
Сроки выполнения Заданий

Deadlines for tasks completion

Deadlines for the completion of tasks can be limited by a calendar period or the number of days from the date of appointment. Such tasks will be displayed at the user’s Job Calendar. You can use always available Tasks without time limits.

Automation of the study process

Use the automatic assignment of Tasks for the new users or those who have changed their position, department, or training group. With the help of the Curriculum functions, you can set up the trajectory of training – the access sequence to the elements of the program considering the conditions of its passage and the days of allowed access.


Badges Awards for tasks

Collaborator has the system of Badges as the rewards for successful completion of tasks. The administrator can create sets of Badges and determine the conditions for their obtaining. Each user has a personal set of awards while passing his course.

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