Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base helps you to quickly find information through search, catalogue or by the tag. All Forum messages, all the News and all articles of the internal Wiki-encyclopedia get into the Knowledge Base in addition to information resources. The Knowledge Base can be searched in archives, presentations, PDF, EPUB, HTML, etc..

Formation of the Knowledge Base

When you fill in Collaborator with content you actually enrich the Knowledge Base. All informational resources are included in it and are accessible via search. If you create a category tree and spread Resources over it, then the grouping of information by Category will be available in the Knowledge Base. If you give tags to resources, then their search by tags will be available in the Knowledge Base.

Access restriction mode

You can turn on the access restriction mode, then the search result of the Knowledge Base will contain only the information that the user has access to. Groups with special access are configured by user attributes – access will be changed automatically when the properties of the employee’s account are changed.

Knowledge Base Report

A special report will help you to determine which resource categories and which resources are the most popular. You will be able to find out how many times your employee has accessed the search and what he read from the Knowledge Base.

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