Интеграция с кадровыми системами

Integration with organization systems

Integration with organization systems
The synchronization of user data, the automatic blocking of dismissed employees and the definition of the structure of subordinates can be set in several ways. LMS Collaborator synchronizes user data with data from CSV, Excel, Active Directory, Google G Suite. If you have a special case, do not worry, with the help of API-functions we implement integration with practically any organisation systems.

Integration with enterprise databases

LMS Collaborator can receive and transfer data to other systems using API functions. We can transfer KPI employees from external systems and show them to administrators of the training system, as well as transfer training data, attestation and evaluation of employees to external systems.

Интеграция с внешними сервисами

Integration with external services

The Collaborator’s architecture makes it easy to connect with external web services. You can use the webinars Big Blue Button or eTutorium, the editor of content and courses EasyGenerator and Google Documents, the SMS-sending system Turbo SMS. If necessary, we also connect other web-services including payment systems.

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