Инструменты быстрого создания учебных ресурсов

Tools for quick creation of training resources

All you need is to upload the existing document to LMS Collaborator and automatically get the content for the training tasks.
Speed up the information fulfilment of the system by using PDF conversion tools in web presentation and Word to a web page or “Long Read”.
Upload audio files and videos in any format – everything is automatically configured for the correct work of users.

Support of popular electronic content formats

Place electronic books in EPUB and PDF formats in Collaborator and use them as the resource for courses, training programs and individual employee development plans.

Do you have ready-made electronic textbooks in the format of the site? Place them as an HTML resource.

Use the method of storytelling and create exciting “Long Read” resources in the built-in editor.

LMS Collaborator provides full support for interactive SCORM-resources, not depending on the tools in which they are created. Collaborator includes SCORM testing tools in order to check if the resources work properly.

Use innovations – upload video to the system in VR format.

Поддержка популярных форматов
Встроенные редакторы

Built-in editors

Built-in web page editors and “Long Read” resources allow you to edit education content any time.

Our online test and polling editors help to update the list of the questions if any errors in the settings are detected. You can import questions from text files.

Editors of courses, curriculum and individual development plans allow you to make changes and update content in real time, even during the learning process.

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