When you need to discuss the problem together with many colleagues from different departments – Forum is the best solution to do it. All questions and answers in the forum topics are automatically included in the Knowledge Base and available through the search. “Closed” forum topics and their content will only be available to members of the “closed” topic group. The forum supports real-time communication.


Chat is needed for immediate correspondence, for example, to quickly resolve of tasks within a project team. Chat messages are only available for the chat participants. In the Chat, you can exchange files and search for messages by keywords.


For any task, you can turn on Commenting. Users can ask questions, leave feedback, report a problem or just thank the coach.

Informing users

News and Announcements are used to inform the staff about events or any changes in the company. Messages can be grouped by the type of events. Ads are displayed on the main portal page and may be used for collecting feedback – the user clicks the button “I am aware” or “I will participate”. All messages sent to the staff can be viewed in the Journal of sent e-mails. Each message automatically gets the statuses “Sent” – “Read”.

Surveys and Feedback

Our system provides you with surveys and 360-degree polls.
You can create a survey, voting or contests. If the survey is not anonymous, then the report will reflect each participant’s answers. The users can attach files to the answer – it allows, for example, to collect photo reports.

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