отчет по курсам

Progression Reports

In Collaborator it is easy to analyze the results of training. The reports show detailed results of the training programs, courses, tests and other tasks. You can easily search by user name or ID or apply custom filters for employees, divisions, start and end dates, posts and other parameters. The summary report allows you to customize the selection of users and training tasks

Excel export is supported.

Test reports

The test reports show each test attempt, a detailed response protocol, and a time which was spent by the user for answers. The complex tests report shows the results in comparison between the last and previous attempts to pass the tests.

отчет по тесту
обращения к заданиям

Knowledge Base Reports

The Knowledge Base report allows you to easily identify popular categories and resources, find out who and how many times have accessed them. In the report, you can learn if the employee scrolls or reads the material. Besides you can identify irrelevant materials and poorly prepared content.

User’s actions reports

LMS Collaborator monitors all user inputs in the system, remembers its path through the pages and sections of the portal. In the user’s sessions log you can see a detailed map of actions of each employee. In the sent email log you can see what letters have been sent to the user and which of them he has read.

карта поведения пользователя
кастомный отчет

Custom reports

We create special custom reports on request. These reports can be downloaded in PDF and Excel formats and can be accessed via the API.

We can create any”Custom Report” on the customer’s demand. Use the template below to describe the task

Download Template

Data Connector to Google Data Studio

Build your own reports and dashboards based on your LMS Collaborator portal and the powerful Google Data Studio! These reports can dynamically update data, apply different filtering and processing, which is extremely easy to analyze, helps to make conclusions and better business decisions.
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Users Sessions report

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