рабочие задачи

Work tasks

Form a list of tasks for employees. Prioritize tasks and monitor the status of their implementation. Encharge tasks to your subordinates.

Management by Objectives

Coordinate the work of employees to achieve the key goals of the company. Appoint the responsible, set deadlines, priorities and KPI for key tasks. Monitor the overall implementation of strategic plans and the achievement of the goals set.


Sending SMS

If you want to use SMS for user notifications, Collaborator can be connected to the SMS web service and help to control the costs of the delivered messages.


With this function, the company always aware of the nearest birthdays of its employees. Directors receive reminders about these events and birthday people receive congratulations on e-mail.


Service requests

Organize orders of stationery and other needs of your staff through a simple service for receiving and processing applications. Set up the transfer of requests between employees and monitor the status of implementation.

Data Connector to Google Data Studio

Build your own reports and dashboards based on your LMS Collaborator portal and the powerful Google Data Studio! These reports can dynamically update data, apply different filtering and processing, which is extremely easy to analyze, helps to make conclusions and better business decisions.
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