The built-in test editor allows you to create 7 most common types of questions, including sorting, matching and selecting the answer in the picture. The testing process is set up in the task with the test. You can simultaneously assign several tasks with one test but with different conditions for its passing. You can configure the sampling of questions, the number of attempts, the time of passing the test, the modes of passing – testing, training, with the omission of questions, with a demonstration of the correct answer.

Complex tests

When you need to check the knowledge of an employee on several topics simultaneously – create separate tests for each topic and combine them into one common complex test. When the user passes it, the results for each topic will be received separately. For a task with a complex test for each topic set up the way of forming a questions selection, the index of successful completion, the order of the withdrawal of questions and topics.

Polls 360 °

This built-in Collaborator function helps to poll the opinions of the employee and his environment (supervisor, colleagues, subordinates, clients) according to the specified criteria. The result allows to reveal the overestimated and understated self-esteem of the employee, his strong and weak qualities. As a rule, the method of surveys 360 ° is used in assessing the competencies of employees, their abilities and practical skills.


With the help of the check list the requirements the employee must meet and the results of his work are identified. The checking manager simply marks the completed items in the checklist, and the reports show the total scored amount for the given employee.

Individual plans

The result of the evaluation of the staff is often a development of individual development plans. The plan contains a list of tasks with deadlines, which is aimed at improving employee’s efficiency. Collaborator allows you to create both individual plans and template plans for a group of people, for example, a plan to move to the next level in their position.

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